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This little shop is tuck away in a corner at Ann Siang Hill. First impression of the place is the bareness of the shop. Housing only 1 outdoor table and 4 indoor tables. It gives you the cozy feel. Patience is a must if you want to sit down and enjoy the cakes. Rest assured that the patience will pay off. K ki is the cakes version of fine dining serving freshly made variety of cakes.

The first cake we order was the Kinabaru. The cake is layered with coconut mousse, passion fruit crème and finished off with a soft chocolate base. Upon the first bite, the tanginess of the passion fruit will first hit your taste buds before a subtle coconut aftertaste follows through.

Mont Blanc, named after the mountain in France is a chestnut-flavoured cake. Enclosed within the brown swirls is the chestnut puree. Having a mouthful, the chestnut taste does not overpowered you yet you can chew on the bits and pieces of chestnuts. Everything was smooth to the taste.

My personal favourite is the Little Red Riding Hood. A must have for chocolate lovers. Within the cover layer of dark chocolate are chocolate mousse and raspberry filling. The raspberry's sourness is a perfect complement to the dark chocolate's bitter taste. The chocolate mousse within is rich in chocolate yet not too sweet. Everything is in perfect balance.

The cakes average $8 per piece. It's on the high side but definitely worth it.


Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill #01-00

Contact Number: +65 6225 6650

Hours of operation: 12.00noon to 7.00pm
                                 12.00noon to 4.00pm (Sat)

Closed Days: Monday



How to get there: 61, 166, 197, Chinatown Mrt (NE4)

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